Welcome to my personal blog. Due to my long and wide experience in the game industry. I cover topics such as lighting design, level design, production, business and creativity in general.

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Game Lighting Practice 4

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In this test I am testing out how to light and lead the player for a multiplayer type of map. For multiplayer map you need to focus more on readability…

Gameplay Lighting Test 3

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Since I still have not managed to replace my graphic card I continue to focus my time into gameplay lighting and color palettes. This time I went with the epic…

Gameplay Lighting Practice 2 #whatwentwrong

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Due to not having a graphic card I am unable to use a lot of lights. For that reason I have been playing around with game-play lighting and color palettes…

The Busy Gamers Market Needs Are Growing

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If you didn’t already know I once had my own game company during the iPhone and appstore era, when it first started out. I researched the potential and was a…